Paul Davis

Personal Trainer & IFBB Pro

body-builder-1Paul Davis was born in Boston, MA. He was active in sports, playing football in Cape Cod, MA as well as for Jersey City State as a running back. He started with law enforcement at the age of 23 as a Patrol Officer and moved up to Detective with the Robbery Squad and later to Sergeant. After being on the force for almost 10 years, Paul hadn’t worked out in a while and started to notice he was out of shape and didn’t have as much energy as he once did. He began working out again seriously at the age of 32 and was hooked for life. Within 3 years, he was ready to enter the world of competitive bodybuilding.

Paul started out by winning the novice heavyweight category of the Suburban Finest competitions for 2 years. After he sensed there wasn’t much of a challenge left in that competition, he moved on and was a champion of the NJ heavyweight category. Paul competed all over the country raking in awards. He won a total of 10 overall categories in natural competitions and was also a champion of the Masters National twice.

Paul’s career in law enforcement continued to flourish as he held the positions of Lieutenant, Captain, Police Inspector and Police Deputy Chief. He received numerous citations; the East Orange Police Department Medal of Honor, the State PBA Distinguished Service Award, the Essex County PBA Class A Award (in numerous years) and many others.

He and Mike Johnson started training together in 1994, as they were both fully dedicated to staying physically fit. He began to develop the Speed Weight Training technique in 2001, which incorporated the best techniques he learned from different weight trainers and bodybuilders all over the country. A few years later, he perfected the no rest concept and realized its universal benefits could be applied to a wide range of users. He has mentored and trained many using Speed Weight Training which always gains attention when seen in action at various gyms around the country. Because of the training program, he was in better physical condition leaving the force than when he came in. He is currently retired from law enforcement and putting his vision out there for the world to see. After a 16 year layoff and at the age of 56, Paul returned to competitive body building. Using the Speed Weight Training technique, Paul took first place in the heavy weight class and won the overall. The win entitled him to turn pro. Paul went on to win a gold medal in August, 2011 in the Police Olympics held at the Jacob Javits Center, New York City.