Mommy Makeover

Bounce Back To Your Pre-Mommy Body!

Pregnancy, as beautiful as it is, can take a toll on your body. Speed Weight Training believes no matter how busy you are, our Mommy Makeover program will bring your body back it its original glory, and if not, better! This new program was designed for our beloved mothers who want to revitalize their post pregnancy bodies. Mommy Makeover group classes are fun, engaging, and filled with likewise mommies working towards the same goal.

Balancing Fitness And Motherhood Is Hard,
We Understand!

Endless housework, running errands, and taking care of your children… its no secret moms are busy. That is why we created the Mommy Makeover to be fast and efficient. Inundated mothers can enjoy day time classes that are quick and sure to fit into their busy schedule. In these classes you will not only brake a sweat but you will leave feeling accomplished-one step closer to taking back that figure you deserve!

The difference with Speed Weight Training is the
speed with which you can achieve your goals!