One-on-One Training

At Speed Weight Training’s one-on-one program, you will be working with expert and elite trainers. We have designed a solid plan ensured to activate the entire body. Each day your workout will involve a different body part. This is to avoid any possibility of over-working your body. This also gives us the opportunity to monitor your progress and allow for modification as your body begins to transform.

As important as a solid workout is, so is a consistent diet. Eating the right foods will help build lean muscles. The more lean muscle you obtain, the more calories your body will burn on a consistent basis. At Speed Weight Training, we pride ourselves on our special diet program.

Our diet has been used by bodybuilders, fitness models, and bikini competitors as we train them for their competition. With our fitness regimen, our diet plan, and your dedication, we guarantee your body will achieve your desired goal and maximum results.