Train Like A Pro

Working Out vs Training Like A Pro

Do you feel like your workouts could be better? Not getting the results you want? Professional body builders don’t achieve their goals by chance, they break down their training into a science. That is why Speed Weight Training offers the Train Like a Pro two day class so you can set your expectations high and get the most out of your workouts.

30 Years Of Experience In A Two Day Class

This is not your general training class, this is 30 years of professional weight training experience in two days. Train Like a Pro is an exciting crash course that will teach you the dos and don’ts of workout routines under the direction of a professional trainer. Based on your objective, you will learn what body parts to exercise and how to properly use the equipment with the proper weight, sets, and reps. No matter how high or low your skill level may be, you will be surprised how much you will benefit from this personalized class.

Build The Muscle You Crave

Two days is all it takes to ensure your workouts will build the muscle you crave. Increase your endurance, obtain maximum results for your effort, and feel your confidence rise knowing that your not just working out, your training like a pro!