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Rosemary 2014

Testimonials I believe there is nothing better than living a spirited vigorous and healthy life. My ever growing desire to challenge myself has lead me on many journeys; everything from extreme hiking to mountain climbing. To achieve these feats staying in shape mentally and physically is absolute requirement. Living a healthy life is not a transition for me. I have always been physically fit; throughout adolescences, college years, to present day. Working out for me is as essential as a good night sleep. If I miss out my body and mind just doesn’t respond well. It is not necessary to go to the extreme however it is necessary to move your body every day; something as simple as walking up a flight of stairs or taking a ten minute stroll. It all adds up. The payoff to exercise is unquestionably the ultimate gift you can give yourself; (good health). Being physically fit also helps to maintain physical outer beauty throughout middle age into senior years. I understand that working out is not easy (its work). However if you continue the desire to be healthy, look great and feel your absolute best, the process will become easier. Eventually your body like myself and so many others will start to crave the experience. How wonderful is that. You have only one life to live; there no do overs. How you treat yourself now will eventually manifest sooner or later. Now as a middle age woman (feeling much younger by the way), I still like the challenges of a good workout, I have found that working out with my trainer Paul Davis with Speed Weight Training met that challenge and propelled my body to a difficult level. I look and feel great. My living a hectic life leaves me with very little down time. Still, I find the time everyday even if it’s just ten minutes to do something. No excuses this is your life. Just how do your value it? Get to moving and live your best life. I’ll see you in the gym.”


Testimonials I’v been doing many types of workouts since my college days including cross country, African dance, regular aerobics, even a personal trainer or 2 but no experience or training has been as intense and rewarding as with SPEED WEIGHT FITNESS CENTER BOOT CAMP….this class is “the truth”. I started this class with a weak/injured shoulder; unable to do one push up…. you should see me now!!! If you want a combo of learning your body & building your body then check it out’. Cant wait to start my 1~on~1 with Mike…stay tuned for more testimonies.”


Testimonials Im proud of my “mom-dukes”. She is dedicated to this gym and it is helping with her physical therapy for her shoulder. Now she thinks she is a drill sergeant but I can see why she is excited because she looks good. Thats my momma and thank you Speed Weight Training gym.”

Ama, March, 2013

Testimonials They push you hard and don’t allow you to give up. I ended up doing 100 sit ups…I was only able to do about 30 before.”

Nicole M, October, 2012

Testimonials I have been working out at SWT for about two months. I have already lost about 15lbs and my endurance has increased. The number of push-ups and sit-ups I can do has almost tripled since I have been working out there. The trainers always motivate you to give 100%. It is the best work out I ever had.”

Lia, September, 2012

Testimonials I’m so glad I joined the Speed Weight Training Center. I love the personal attention I received from the staff with their one on one training. I feel great and I have The SWT training crew to thank for it!”